Custom Sacred Geometry Earrings with Gems and Chain

Custom design your own pair of healing sacred geometry earrings made with gems and fine chain.


Combine sacred geometry designs with gems and fine chain to create talismans and invite healing blessings.


Handmade in Santa Cruz, CA
  • Laser cut birch hardwood
  • Width: 1-3/8 Inches
  • Length: 3-4 Inches

Sacred Geometry Design Options

Seed of Life

Cosmic Seed of Creation

Flower of Life

Blueprint of Reality

Sri Yantra

Instrument of Abundance

Metatron's Cube

Book of Knowledge

Custom Design your own pair of healing sacred geometry earrings made with gems and fine chain.

Laser cut earrings from birch hardwood come with your choice of:

  • Sacred geometry design (Seed of Life, Flower of Life, Sri Yantra, or Metatron’s Cube)
  • Length of chain (approx 2″-3″)
  • Chain material (brass or copper)
  • Gems (Swarovski crystals, pearls, or opalite)
  • Earring hook material (surgical steel, silver plated, sterling silver, or gold plated)


  • Laser cut medallion:
    1-3/8″ Diameter
    1/8″ Thick
  • Length:
    3″-4″ Length

Gem Choices

Swarovski Crystals

Swarovski crystals symbolize hope, joy, and luck. Wear Swarovski crystals to diffuse negative energy and bring positive energy.


Opalite symbolizes meditation, improvements to communication, removal of energy blockages, and business success. 

Wear opalite to help with life transitions of all kinds, giving us strength and perseverance.


Pearls are known as the “stone” of sincerity, luck & wisdom.

Wear pearls to bring blessings of fortune and abundance, manifesting dreams and passions into reality.


Sacred Geometry Design

Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube, Seed of Life, Sri Yantra

Chain Material

Brass, Copper

Chain Length

2 inches, 3 inches

Gem for chain

Swarovski Crystals- Apple Red, Swarovski Crystals- Cherry Red, Swarovski Crystals- Gold, Swarovski Crystals- Clear Sparkle, Swarovski Crystals- Lt Blue Iridescent, Swarovski Crystals- Dk Blue Iridescent, Swarovski Crystals- Blue, Swarovski Crystals- Disco Sliver, Opalite, Pearls

Earring Hook Material

Surgical Steel, Silver Plated, Sterling Silver, Gold-Plated


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