About Carrin

Carrin creates wearable art as a catalyst of meditation to help her get through the high chronic pain of a rare neurological disorder. She channels love, intentions, prayers, and manifestations into each piece so that the wearer will hopefully feel the blessings that it is created with. She’s been making jewelry since childhood, and when she added metalsmithing in 2013, it opened up a whole new world to her. She’s run the Jewelry Zone at a local makerspace, Idea Fab Labs, in Santa Cruz since its opening in 2015.

She doesn’t just assemble prefabricated parts, she fabricates the parts herself.

Listen to Carrin share her story of how Carrin’Wear first started.

Farm-to-Table Creator

Carrin loves the integration of ancient and contemporary. Combining modern technology with ancient symbolism and geometric designs.

Laser cutting wood (bringing an organic element to her creations) and stencils (for roller printing on metal and painting clothing). She draws all her designs in vector software, which is then translated to the laser cutter. She’s a “farm-to-table” creator; getting feathers from local farms, using locally sourced wood, and designing and manufacturing all of the necessary elements herself. She doesn’t just assemble prefabricated parts, she fabricates the parts herself.

Carrin's Story

Carrin's Passion

Carrin’s true passion is to create custom heirloom jewelry.  Where the stories of how & why each piece was created is passed down through generations.  With its blessings and symbolic meaning continuing to affect whomever wears it throughout time.  Rekindling the ancient custom of family crest jewelry, to be passed down to our children’s children’s children… with the love of their ancestors being felt throughout time as each generation wears it.  She incorporates many “lost metal arts” into her pieces such as filigreeganulation, enameling, and cloisonne’.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometric patterns exist all around us, creating the fundamental structure and templates of life in the universe.  The patterns can be broken down into a language of mathematics that rules the entirety of our visible and invisible world.  The geometric archetypes reveal the nature of each form and its vibrational resonance, symbolizing the inseparable relationship between everything and everyone.