Will Healing Jewelry Ever Rule the World?

As the popularity of healing jewelry continues to rise, many people are beginning to wonder if it will ever rule the world. Here at Carrin’Wear we absolutely believe that healing jewelry will one day rule the world. While this may seem like an unrealistic expectation, there are some exciting developments in the world of healing jewelry that suggest it may be more possible than we once thought.

First, let’s take a look at what healing jewelry is and why it’s become so popular. Healing jewelry is a form of jewelry that incorporates materials and symbols that are believed to have healing properties. These can range from crystals and gemstones to metals and symbols, such as the Flower of Life or the Sri Yantra. People wear healing jewelry to help promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and to enhance their spiritual and philosophical practices.

So, why do we believe healing jewelry will rule the world?


  1. The Rise of Spiritual Awareness: As more and more people become interested in spirituality, the demand for tools to support spiritual growth is increasing. Healing jewelry provides an accessible and practical way to enhance your spiritual practice, and open you to receiving and manifesting.
  2. Increased Emphasis on Personalized Healing: As traditional medical, and mental health, practices continue to be questioned, there is a growing interest in personalized approaches to healing. Healing jewelry allows you to choose materials and symbols that resonate with your unique needs and desires. Carrin’Wear was started to help our founder cope with the symptoms of a rare and debilitating neurological disorder; through creating, and wearing, healing jewelry.
  3. The Power of Intention: The power of intention is becoming increasingly recognized in the world of healing. Healing jewelry is often worn with a specific intention in mind, such as promoting abundance or enhancing intuition.
  4. The Intersection of Technology and Healing: As technology continues to advance, we are discovering new ways to incorporate healing into our daily lives. For example, some companies are developing wearable healing technology that incorporates healing materials and symbols into wearable technology. At Carrin’Wear we laser-cut all of our wooden pieces for our sacred geometry designs at the local makerspace Idea Fab Labs in Santa Cruz, CA.

While it may seem unrealistic to suggest that healing jewelry could rule the world, there are certainly exciting developments that suggest it could play a significant role in the evolution of our collective consciousness. And as we, at Carrin’Wear, continue to explore the potential of this powerful tool, we believe we will discover new ways to enhance people’s lives, and promote positive change on a global scale. So, let’s keep an open mind together and see where this journey takes us!